SNI presents: The role of on-chain ecological data
Thursday, December 15
5-6 pm CET
Ecological data unlocks the regenerative potential of web3 technologies in a myriad of ways, facilitating new mechanisms for climate action, biodiversity conservation, and financial inclusion. This talk will explore a number of ways in which on-chain ecological data disrupts traditional models and opens up new possibilities, particularly for smallholders in the Global South. The talk will delve into how on-chain ecological data enables:

  • Accessible insurance for small farmers and herders
  • ESG as well as loss and damage climate financing
  • Carbon markets to scale to smallholders in the Global South
  • New models for biodiversity conservation
  • New value propositions and financial applications for web3
Speaker Biography
Kennedy Ng'ang'a is an entrepreneur and researcher with 15 years of experience working with technology and smallholder farmers. He has worked for CGIAR-CIAT as a geospatial analyst using satellite data to help make ecosystems sustainable and climate resilient. He is also the founder and CEO of Shamba Network, a decentralized monitoring, reporting, and verification network for ecological data. Shamba empowers farming communities to contribute to efforts against climate change by enabling small-scale regenerative projects. Shamba also runs a data oracle providing web3 with up-to-date real-world data on a global scale. Kennedy is passionate about impacting nature and communities and works towards achieving these goals using cutting-edge technologies such as satellite data, AI, and web3.
Job Title
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