Nature Speaks!
A web3 creative writing competition for nature writers, eco-ventriloquists, insect whisperers, megafauna-fanatics, plant-people, biomimics, and mycologically-minded poets.

Congratulations to the winners of our first web3 creative writing competition!

Winners: Luca Dini and Paolo Curtoni from Colorless Green Ideas for their astounding algorithmic work "UPON: Urban Poems of Nature."


  • Sarah Berti with a profound and lovely deer-POV poem, "the myth of my mouth"
  • Jordan Mounteer with a delicate, emotional and erudite poem, "Tardigrade"
  • Rob Cacace with an inspiring and haunting homage to White Terns, "manu o ku"

These winning works will be released at SNI's first Experimental Zone Event in Amsterdam on May 21. We can't wait to share these wonderful works with you!

Thank you to our jury members Ana Caballero, Sophie Strand, and Seth Bockley, in addition to the many writers who contributed your work to our competition. We were amazed by the range of tones, biota, and species, in your wildly imaginative and beautifully original work.

We also want to thank Kusama Foundation for their generous grant to support our prizes!