SNI Summer
Hackathon Challenge 2021

Enabling nature's autonomous value inside city parks and public green spaces.

Hackathon dates: July 2-4, 2021
In Summer 2021, Sovereign Nature held a Hackathon: a juried competition with 10,000 € cash and 10,000 OCEAN awarded to the winning strategies of individual challenge rounds.
Winners were announced on July 5, 2021:
Bangalore Torpedo, Interspecies Labs and Sādu.

CEVEN.protect and IdentiTree.

Winning teams are further developing their solutions and integrating them as part of the Sovereign Nature Tech Stack. Together with other stakeholders who are part of the SNI ecosystem, our tech stack teams will also have the opportunity to run real-life experiments in public 'green' spaces in the future.
The Hackathon challenge was as follows:

Working in relation to a public park or green space— a place of your choosing that is already designated by a city or region to be a space of 'nature,' 'preservation,' 'open-land,' 'biodiverse' and/or is explicitly designed as a place for encounters between humans and the 'natural world,' develop open-source protocols and applications that enable the agency of non-human organisms to act in their own interest and to produce value in their own right. Go beyond common approaches towards sustainability and break the mantra of human domination over 'nature'.
This challenge could be tackled inside one or more of our three streams:
Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Empower 'non-humans' to act in their own right in both virtual and physical arenas.
Nonhuman Economics

Develop value-capture and incentive models that enable 'nature' to express values beyond scarcity, extraction, and exploitation.
Community Engagement / Activism / Stewardship
Build tools that stimulate curiosity, empower and incentivise the broader public to care for 'nature' in a decentralised way.