WWF-Romania (WeWilder)

Area of Operation: Southern Carpathians, Romania
Species Focus: European Bison
Data: GPS Tracking, Direct Observations, Signs of Presence
Main Efforts: Species Reintroduction, Local Community Involvement

Operational since the 1990s, WWF-Romania is dedicated to conserving biodiversity and fostering sustainable development in the Danube-Carpathian region. Known as Europe's Green Heart, this region includes Europe's largest wilderness area, and features virgin forests, intact rivers, and the continent's most significant populations of large carnivores such as bears, wolves and lynx. WWF-Romania provides essential resources and green infrastructure vital to this region, which faces threats from deforestation and human development. WeWilder, a collaboration between WWF-Romania and local communities, supports these conservation efforts. Alongside the Flex Foundation, it is implementing the LIFE-Bison project to restore European bison to the wild, and has already reintroduced over 145 free-roaming bison in the Armeniș commune and Țarcu Mountains foothills.