Macaw Recovery Network

Area of operation: Costa Rica
Species Focus: Great Green Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Yellow-Naped Parrot
Data: Bioacoustics, Habitat
Main Efforts: Species Conservation, Habitat Conservation, Local Community Involvement

Macaw Recovery Network’s mission is to protect and recover endangered parrot populations in the Americas. Their priority right now is the Great Green Macaw as it is estimated that less than 1,000 remain in the wild. The MRN team are committed to restoring parrot populations through: species management, habitat protection and restoration, and community outreach. MRN works primarily on the ground in Costa Rica but to reach beyond Costa Rica’s borders they lead a Network to facilitate collaboration and support for Macaw and Parrot conservation. Habitat loss and poaching for the illegal pet trade have parrots at risk, but their dedicated field teams collect seasonal data, which allows them to better understand the threats and then develop and implement management strategies to mitigate them.