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Rob Cacace's "manu o ku"

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manu o ku 

salty gusts, entrust the gift of flight
neither day, nor night just time 
endless currents of change, 
navigate us to the present 

but what of origins? 
endemic to these skies, 
my ancestors left clues 

of the past 
and of a compass, 
demarking land for watchful peoples
navigators of the sea 

as stars crossed in a steady arch, 
islands connected 

my genealogy speaks 
of white feathers, painting the canvas of history 
the truth lain, a mystery
but I’ll chirp this story

a glory; a sovereignty, spoken
sustainable and held in common
until, like many tales… 
trust was broken 

an abdication, as flocks watched on 
a position, strong 
songs written 
captive in one’s own home 

and above the empty palace 
today we roam 
endangered but protected 
by fragile words as gentle birds 
of pray