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SNI shines at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos

Last week, SNI had the profound honor of participating in the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos. It was a week of intense learning and collaboration, marked by insightful discussions with some of the most passionate minds dedicated to biodiversity conservation.
SNI was invited to join Kristy Deiner from SimplexDNA, Hanna Fiegenbaum, David Dao from GainForest, and Daniel Oberhauser from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. We shared our insights with an audience comprising ecologists, environmental policy experts, and nature-based finance specialists, discussing how blockchain and other emerging technologies can finance, monitor, and transparently report on the nature-positive outcomes of conservation and restoration projects.
Presenting SNI’s Innovative Approach
Our Head of Field Research & Partnerships, Alessandro Mazzi, highlighted SNI’s innovative approach that combines the use of blockchain technology to track the provenance and allocation of funds to trusted biodiversity stewardship projects with a methodology that leverages tools provided by the Conservation Standards in order to effectively monitor and communicate the strategy and impact of funded projects to investors and donors. The audience resonated with our approach of combining both technology and storytelling to bring transparency and tackle the nature funding gap.
Alessandro shared SNI’s perspective on what we call the “biodiversity to business gap.” Our goal is to bridge this gap by giving access to nature stewardship projects funded by private companies using blockchain technology. This method allows us to effectively communicate a project’s evolution to these organizations’ customers and employees.
Highlights from the Forum
The conference featured seven concurrent talks every day from 9:00 am until 17:00, covering topics such as nature finance, biodiversity monitoring, environmental philosophy, and environmental justice. One of our favorite sessions was on interspecies communication, organised by renowned ocean scientist Lynne Shannon. The various talks during this session pointed to the importance of rekindling our relationship with the non-human world through our senses. Something SNI is experimenting with by giving public access, through REAL Portal, to bio-acoustic recordings from marine life, sparking in the listener curiosity and interest for the wonders of the underwater world.

During the week-long conference, the word “effectiveness” resonated in every room, mentioned twelve times in various contexts. From effective reporting and funding to effective management of project outcomes and effective communication, the need for better coordination between different stakeholders and the joining of forces from diverse knowledge holders was palpable.
Reflections and Resolutions
In the aftermath of this insightful week of sharing and learning, SNI is confident in our important role in expanding the application of ecological data beyond its scientific value. We aim to use this data as a foundation for storytelling about the critical efforts of stewards geared toward the conservation of species and the habitats they depend on.
Resolutions from the World Biodiversity Forum 2024
The World Biodiversity Forum 2024 concluded with several key resolutions aimed at transforming biodiversity conservation from science to actionable strategies. These include:

1. Promoting Integrated Approaches: Encouraging the integration of biodiversity considerations into all sectors of policy and economic activity.

2. Enhancing Data Accessibility: Improving the availability and use of biodiversity data to inform decision-making processes.

3. Strengthening Collaboration: Fostering partnerships between researchers, practitioners, and societal actors to enhance the implementation of biodiversity initiatives.

4. Scaling Up Financing: Mobilizing greater financial resources for biodiversity conservation through innovative financing mechanisms like blockchain technology.

5. Advancing Education and Awareness: Increasing efforts to educate and raise awareness about biodiversity issues at all levels of society.

These resolutions set a clear path for future actions and collaborations, emphasizing the need for a united front to tackle the biodiversity crisis effectively.
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We extend our heartfelt thanks to Kristy Deiner and Hanna Fiegenbaum for their exceptional hospitality and for inviting SNI. The World Biodiversity Forum was an intense yet enlightening week, reinforcing the critical importance of our work in driving effective conservation efforts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event and to all our partners and collaborators. Together, we are making a tangible impact on the preservation of our planet’s biodiversity.
For more information about the World Biodiversity Forum 2024, please visit World Biodiversity Forum.