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Sarah Berti's "The myth of my mouth"

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: deersong :  

i wait—silent  
hooves pressing in the : Mossplace :  
where Red Dawn rises  

i feel Soundwood—humming  
in our horns  

i tell Whitebark the story of my belly  
and Leaf the myth—of my mouth  

Owlspeech is the feathered trail i travel  
into the dew-silver Meadow  

Suntree quivers a greenmessage :  
make breath in the sacred manner—  
make beauty in the walking-way  

: we restore for the sunsong inside us :  
: we restore for the mystery that moves :  

: silence restores us :  

now Earth darkens in her time  
and plants shadow-tones into our keeping  
now the World’s breath changes—pace  

Starsap explodes into music in the Composer’s sky  
and Nightmoon pulses our spirit-skins  
saying hey, hey, hey— 

now all Winding Things speak at once—  
the common tongue thundering  
in the field of our hearts 
and storming our mindforest with lightning  

Voices snake from Tree to branch to horn  to electrify my antlers  
and lightstrike my spine  
saying : listen !  

—the spin-chorus of all things warns us— 
Forest trembles : Seedforce trembles :  i

Air tunes our ears to paws approaching 
Wind quickens our insides and our outsides  

Mistwood says : hark : give ear !  
Hear the ones who open-mawed sing ! 
Listen-smell the ones who howl !  

Soilverse echoes danger in the underneath 
The humus hums a tremor :  

go !  

Songmaker conducts the whirling bolt— 
of our flight !  
our muscles vibrate with the shiftcrack of—now ! 
Forest stirs so we—leap !  

go !  

Crow warns us so we know !  
Leafwind tells us run—yes : stay—no 
Moonsister : glow upon us  

running : we go !  

flashing away ! Red River pulsing within us ! 
darting away ! Blue Star bursting our chest ! 
flashing away ! Greenforce thunders inside us !  

they come unto our bodies ! paws they come! 
the breath of our hearts ! bounding away ! 
through the black shudder of Dusk 
i weave our cloven family a way  

through the shivering valley of thorns 
Forest weaves us across Bone Mountain  to
the : Mossplace : where i fall to my knees  

on soil and stone  
where Tor meets Sky i : fall :  

giving the greenforce a way  
taken by the one who howls—  
i become her body  

on this final night my breath  
becomes beauty  

and Wolf tells me the myth—of her mouth  

: we restore for the starsong inside us : 
: we restore for the mystery that moves :  

: wolfsong restores us :