Rewilding Portugal

Area of operation: Greater Côa Valley, Portugal
Species Focus: Sorraia Horses, Taurus
Data sources: GPS Tracking
Main Efforts: Ecosystem Restoration, Species Reintroduction and Rewilding

Founded in 2019, Rewilding Portugal is a non-profit focused on large-scale ecosystem restoration in the regions of Riba-Côa and Beira Alta. Rewilding Portugal works with abandoned lands in an effort to enhance biodiversity and restore natural processes of growth and is currently reintroducing near-extinct species like the Soraia horse and the Taurus in the Greater Côa Valley. This region, rich in biodiversity, supports varied habitats and species, including vultures, eagles, otters, red deer, and the Iberian wolf. Through reintroductions, natural restoration, and fostering a nature-based economy, Rewilding Portugal counters rural depopulation and is creating a thriving Greater Côa Valley, for the animals, the people, and the ecosystems they cohabit".