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How do we experience nature? How do we conceptualise it? I am just looking out at the park in front of my house and think: “those trees don’t seem to take any instructions from anyone and just go about existing…” Yet, our relationship with nature is threatening the ecosystem of our entire planet in an existential way. So how independent are those trees in the park? Are they different from the trees in the Amazon forest currently logged at unprecedented speeds? Or is there a logic that ties them together?
We believe that there is. And we believe that we need to change our perception of nature on a fundamental level. We need to develop new ways of understanding cohabitation that undermine the historic hierarchy of human domination and control. To get there, we want nature to become self-governing — able to act in its own interest, free from human exploitation.
The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) fosters the exploration and development of technologies that can allow nature to become self-governing. SNI strives to reconfigure the intersection between ecology, economy, and emerging technologies in order to open our minds to radical approaches toward sustainability.
Our platform features work from a collection of developers, scientists, artists, and investors who are researching, prototyping, or creating artistic explorations of conservationist projects enabled by new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate the myriad possibilities of sustainable futures and encourage connections between various projects and initiatives. SNI aims to function as a meeting place, a platform to launch from, an educational resource — basically, a place of discovery and experimentation for anyone interested in reshaping sustainability.