Tracing the Wild
An Interactive Data-story Sculpture

"Tracing the Wild" is a new data-story sculpture that visualizes lion and other predator data from Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) as an interactive artwork created in collaboration with artists, designers, and story gatherers.

This project, a collaboration with Nairobi Design Week, harnesses data from lions' hunting and movement patterns to represent the predator ecosystem in Kenya's Maasai Mara region as a dynamic human-nonhuman collaborative artwork, providing a vivid and emotionally affective experience of scientific knowledge and real-time health of nature.

It also features audio recordings of human perspectives on lions and lion-human relationships from those who live and work in the Maasai Mara and know these animals intimately and from many perspectives. In centering lions and their movements as the source of the sculpture's contours and shapes, SNI seeks to place species cohabitation above human domination and encourage eco-centric thinking where nature and the earth's healthy ecosystems are prioritized.

We are in the development stage and wildly exploring questions such as:

How to make this digital artwork widely accessible and impactful?

How to make sure we honor and benefit the communities that have contributed their stories?

How to work collaboratively and remotely using data to create a rich and unique artistic experience?
This project represents an example of the potential for Web3 artworks to connect people and nature in service to conservancies such as Kenya Wildlife Trust.
More Information about Tracing the Wild
SNI aims to create a living portrait of lions in the Maasai Mara and the humans who interact with them. This decentralized artwork will draw attention to the vital conservation work of KWT and benefit it through any proceeds from NFTs derived from the work. We hope to weave stories of Kenyan wildlife with data as a living tapestry. We want to show the potential of web3 artwork that relies on chains of data as its raw material.

Stories help us value nature's complexity and reveal the human and animal relationships at stake in conservation work. This project will bring attention to where it is needed, namely KWT's work, the perspectives of indigenous communities, as well as other stakeholders working on ecology and conservation in and around the Maasai Mara region. SNI holds that storytelling is the most powerful tool to share the message of the importance of predators in this region and enable different perspectives to find the best solutions for balance between humans and nature.

Project Team
  • Memo Some
    Founder and CEO, WildNow Foundation
  • Adrian Jankowiak
    Director and Founder, Nairobi Design Week
  • Felixie Kipng'etich
    Communications Officer, Kenya Wildlife Trust
  • Daria Smakhtina
    Data Visualization Architect
  • Seth Bockley
    Director of Creative Engagement, SNI
  • Alessandro Mazzi
    Head of Partnerships and Field Research, SNI

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