SNI x De Ceuvel
The largest and most creative gathering of tech, design, create-for-nature Web3 teams ever assembled on Planet Earth.

Hackathon dates: February 4-6, 2022

In February 2022, the Sovereign Nature Initiative team held its SNI x De Ceuvel Hackathon: a juried competition with cash and tokens awarded to 22 final participating teams.
Winners were announced on February 9, 2022:
Space4Good, Biocenosis, and Nature Data Union

Recheck, Centree, Sattva (Curl Analytics), ORGO, and Hyphal Network

"Most Collaborative" Team Awards:
IBMED, A Wild Life, Hyphal Network

The top eight teams are currently further developing their solutions, which will be featured at SNI's Experimental Zone #1 event this May at the De Ceuvel Space in Amsterdam. Additionally, their projects have the option to be integrated into the Sovereign Nature Tech Stack. Together with other stakeholders who are part of the SNI ecosystem, our tech stack teams will also have more opportunities to run real-life experiments in public 'green' spaces in the future.
The Hackathon Challenge was as follows:

Develop ideas that enable representation of non-human life, establish governance models and empower ecosystems to act in their own interests and to produce and capture value in their own right. We invite you to define "value" broadly and consider in addition to practical ecological value other qualities such as beauty and inter-connectedness. Your idea should support SNI's broader goal to go beyond common approaches towards sustainability and break the cycle of human domination over 'nature'.

In thinking about identity and value, we are especially interested in solutions that acknowledge the challenges and opportunities of human design and architecture in dialogue with nature. We urge you to consider built environments where human/nature harmony is the goal.

The Bounty

Thanks to our partners and supporters, SNI's total bounty consisted of $10K USD equivalent KSM, 10K OCEAN, $10K USD equivalent of POP, and 5,000 EUR from SNI.

The top 3 winning Kingfisher Teams will receive $3,333 KSM, 860 OCEAN, 1,000 USD POP, and 1,666 EUR. The 5 runner-up Woodpecker Teams will each receive 860 POP and 860 OCEAN. The remaining Bumblebee teams will split the remainder of POP and OCEAN tokens.
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