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This partnership has transformed the Hotel Hideaway metaverse into an educational sanctuary, fostering awareness about wildlife and biodiversity conservation among the game’s 3M+ users.
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In-game Accessories
Turning virtual gaming communities into real-world biodiversity advocates.
Our eco-data bound in-game accessories have already been a big hit within the Hotel Hideaway Metaverse and to continue inspiring players from their huge user base is a dream come true.

Like our partners at Azerion, we believe that online gaming can not only entertain, but power positive change in the real-world.
Congolese Elephant Headwrap
Source: Hotel Hideaway

Contributions supporting Upemba National Park
Each of the digital assets created in this partnership are linked to animals within the jurisdiction of the Forgotten Parks Foundation. Every purchase channels funds to support FPF's work.
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SNI’s REAL Portal enables Hotel Hideaway players to verify and engage with the positive impacts of their in-game accessories.
This six-month campaign introduced a dedicated room within Hotel Hideaway, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Upemba National Park. Every month featured unique virtual item drops, allowing players to purchase exclusive items inspired by an eco-region within the park. A portion of these proceeds supports the park’s real-world conservation efforts, with users able to verify the impact of their items via SNI’s REAL Portal.

This Hotel Hideaway collection emphasises the critical importance of collective action in addressing our planet’s rampant biodiversity loss. By seamlessly integrating entertainment, education, and conservation efforts, this collection raises awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation while nurturing a sense of responsibility amongst players and providing a new funding stream for the Forgotten Parks Foundation.

Explore this collection's impact through REAL verification.

    Forgotten Parks is a non-profit dedicated to protecting national parks and other biodiversity-rich areas worldwide. They currently manage Upemba National Park, a sprawling 13,000 KM² wilderness in South Congo (DRC). They envision a world where national parks, biodiversity, and healthy ecosystems are valued and protected, playing a central role in the well-being of a global society that champions the One Health approach.
    Forgotten Parks Foundation
    SNI’s DEEP Protocol enables your company to seamlessly embed eco-data into your product to catalyse biodiversity impact.

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