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A dynamic data art project telling the stories of predators in the Maasai Mara.
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Generative Art
Digital artworks capturing the lives of protected lions in Kenya’s Maasai Mara
Tracing The Wild is a bundle of interconnected artistic pieces generated from scientific conservation data that reflect the entangled interactions of lions in the Maasai Mara. It expresses the life of the lions tracked and protected by the innovative conservation organisation Kenya Wildlife Trust.
(3D Lion Data Portrait)
Source: Tracing the Wild

Contributions supporting predator conservation in Kenya
Each of the NFTs created in this partnership are linked to animals within the jurisdiction of Kenya Wildlife Trust. Any purchase or future trading of these artworks will always channel funds to Kenya Wildlife Trust.
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Created from data reflecting the biosocial interactions of predators and human communities in the Mara, this art collection is one way to express the life of these rare creatures who are protected by SNI partner and innovative conservation organisation, Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT).

This initiative behind this collection visualises predator data from KWT as a series of digital and physical data-based ‘portraits’ along with interactive artwork created in collaboration with tech developers, designers, and story gatherers. The outcome is a dynamic data-driven art project led by Lagos-based artist Chuma Anagbado alongside creativity hub Nairobi Design in collaboration with data architect Daria Smakhtina and Project Director Seth Bockley.

This project harnesses data from lions' patterns of territorial movement and conflict with humans in order to represent the predator ecosystem in Kenya's Maasai Mara region as a dynamic human-nonhuman collaborative artwork, providing a vivid and emotionally affective experience of scientific knowledge and real-time health of nature.
"The data lines were a natural fit with my art, which reimagines a cultural past, leverages modern technology and projects it into a digitised future. I’ve always wanted to include conservation in my work.”

– Chuma Anagbado

Lion Portfolio Wood Sculptures

Lion Portfolio 3D Sculptures

Tracing the Sound Album

Founded in 2007, KWT is the principal predator conservation trust in Kenya, and is dedicated to data-driven predator research and community-supported conservation initiatives that enable the long-term viability of predator populations in Kenya.
Kenya Wildlife Trust
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