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NFTs celebrating WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox: a new wave in web3 messaging.
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Loyalty Collectibles
Rewarding early adopters with the first-ever NFTs tied to whale bioacoustics
WalletConnect was seeking a unique way to celebrate the launch of Web3Inbox—an app offering a new way for users to connect and engage in Web3.

We worked with them to create the Soundwaves Collection: 100K+ celebratory NFTs tied to whale bioacoustics that support Aquasearch, a marine wildlife conservation organisation.
Whale Talk
Source: WalletConnect

A contribution supporting whale conservation
Each of the NFT assets created in this partnership are linked to Humpback and Sperm whales in the Caribbean, stewarded by Aquasearch.
Verified REAL for life
SNI’s REAL Portal enables Web3Inbox users to verify and engage with the positive impacts of their Soundwaves NFTs and receive long-term updates on their linked whales.

The launch of Web3Inbox was a major step toward establishing a new way for users to connect and engage in web3. The Soundwaves Collection serves as a physical encapsulation of the launch that people can own by signing up and hold as an endearing keepsake.

The Soundwaves Collection features four categories, each drawing inspiration from humpback whales' unique and complex song sequences during the breeding season and clicks from sperm whales when approaching the water’s surface.

Every NFT is intricately tied to a living whale, creating a unique bridge between the digital and physical worlds. After launching Web3Inbox and subscribing to notifications, users gain exclusive access to SNI’s REAL Portal. After January 19, they can discover their linked whale through hypnotic bioacoustics, mesmerising video recordings, and captivating stories, rewarding holders with a unique and immersive look into biodiversity conservation.
Want to collect a Soundwaves NFT?
There’s still time! Follow the steps below before 26 January (23:59 CET):
“For this collection, I developed a visual language encoding distinctive characteristics of the whales’ audio communication system into spatial renderings. This project follows my ongoing research on the possibilities of using emerging digital tools to represent various complex processes as immersive experiences. Using bioacoustics files was a creative challenge, but it also served as an inspirational impulse and a way to dive into decoding underwater consciousness.”

– Daria Smakhtina, Soundwaves Collection Artist and Co-founder, ἐphemera ONE
Aquasearch offers expertise in the environmental and oceanographic fields, including scientific research projects, as well as public awareness and communication. Present in France and abroad, they carry out research projects in marine and freshwater environments and are jointly developing innovative research projects on the ecological and acoustic study of aquatic species.
SNI’s DEEP Protocol enables your company to seamlessly embed eco-data into your product to catalyse biodiversity impact.

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