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400 gamers pounced on the chance to collect and trade lion metaverse avatars linked to real-life predators in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Reserve.
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Lion NFTs
Metaverse Avatars
Turning virtual gaming communities into real-world biodiversity advocates.
Lion avatars are roaming the digital sphere with the help of a vibrant community of Web3 creatives having fun exploring the worlds they invented.
Rare Lion Cub #32
Source: Moonsama
Contributions supporting predator conservation in Kenya
Each of the NFTs created in this partnership are linked to animals within the jurisdiction of Kenya Wildlife Trust. Any purchase or future trading of these avatars will always channel funds to Kenya Wildlife Trust.
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SNI's REAL Portal enables all NFT collectors to verify and engage with the positive contribution tied to their NFT over lifetimes.

Bridging the fascinating dynamics of predators’ interactions to online creative communities.

Moonsama is taking the lead in creating eco-derivatives, linking data about physical events to their story-telling in the virtual world. Their lion avatars are based on ever-changing data produced by the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) about lion pride dynamics which include alliances, coalitions, and territorial competition.
In creating their very own digital representation of the Mara lions, Moonsama is amplifying the ecological groundwork of KWT.

The fascinating complexity and unpredictability of ecological interactions and the connection between animals add a new layer of empathy to online interactions
Founded in 2007, KWT is the principal predator conservation trust in Kenya, and is dedicated to data-driven predator research and community-supported conservation initiatives that enable the long-term viability of predator populations in Kenya.
Kenya Wildlife Trust
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