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1K+ attendees received playful event souvenirs linked to real-world bottlenose dolphins and minke whales for attending Polkadot's sub0 2023 developer conference.
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Event souvenirs
Standout event souvenirs that made a splash of excitement at Polkadot sub0
Polkadot was looking for a unique and innovative approach to set their sub0 event apart and bond with attendees on a deeper level.

We achieved these goals by introducing the first-ever event souvenirs supporting biodiversity conservation: 1K+ NFTs linked to marine wildlife in Portugal providing funding for marine conservation organisation, AIMM Portugal.
Legendary Whale
Source: sub0
Token ID: 0x7688x8s8
A contribution supporting Portugal's marine wildlife
Every NFT in this collection is linked to a living minke whale or bottlenose dolphin found in Portugal's Algarve region and stewarded by AIMM Portugal.
Verified REAL for life
SNI’s REAL Portal enables event attendees attendees to trace, verify, and engage with the positive impacts tied to their souvenirs long after the event ended.
By partnering with SNI, Polkadot ensured that their sub0 event secured a strong legacy by fostering deeper connections with attendees and promoting a shared bond with nature. Contrary to common concerns about events' negative ecological impact, Polkadot focused heavily on promoting biodiversity conservation, gifting attendees their own verified, nature-positive contributions in the form of Biodiversity Collection NFTs. For this engagement, we provided full-service implementation, handling everything from collecting and classifying the eco-data to sourcing an artist to create the NFT designs to enabling attendees to verify and engage with their impact via SNI’s REAL Portal.
The Biodiversity Collection included a generous $10.6K donation from Polkadot (Parity Technologies) to SNI ecological steward AIMM Portugal.

This funding supports AIMM plans to publish one scientific paper on cetacean biology and ecology in a peer-reviewed journal and recruit five whale watching companies as partners by the end of 2024. Biodiversity Collection NFT holders can verify the specific amount their NFT contributed to this donation and learn more about how their donation is supporting AIMM's work by visiting SNI's REAL Portal.
"Thanks SNI for bringing REAL data of bottlenose dolphins & minke whales monitored by AIMM Portugal onchain. Glad my Polkadot sub0 attendance supports this wild cause!"

– Sentiments shared by 20+ attendees on X/Twitter
With the NFTs gifted following the days after the conference ended, both Polkadot and SNI experienced a surge of online activity, with many attendees sharing their excitement and showcasing their NFTs to their followings and sharing positive sentiments about the event.

As a special perk, this campaign also featured a special perk: holders of the "Mythical" dolphin and whale NFTs were invited to join a marine research excursion in the Algarve led by AIMM in 2024. We look forward to hearing about their experiences!

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    AIMM is a global player in marine conservation, advocating for effective conservation measures, fostering responsible tourism related to cetaceans, and supplying scientific data to shape marine management policies and programs.
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