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NFTs celebrating ENGIE’s commitment to marine biodiversity conservation in Dakhla Bay, Morocco.
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Eco-badges initiative
Pioneering Corporate Environmental Engagement
The ENGIE eco-badges aims to boost employee engagement by providing a tangible connection to the environmental impact of their contributions. This initiative links digital badges to specific conservation projects, making sustainability goals more relatable and impactful.

Ecobadge #13
Source: ENGIE
A contribution supporting dolphin conservation
Each of the NFT assets created in this partnership are linked to bottlenose dolphin in Dakhla Bay - Marrocco, stewarded by Aquasearch.
Verified REAL for life
SNI’s REAL Portal enables ENGIE employees to verify and engage with the positive impacts of their Dakhla Bay eco-badges and receive long-term updates on their linked dolphins.

ENGIE's eco-badges exemplifies how innovative CSR strategies can actively involve employees in meaningful environmental actions. By leveraging technology and committed partnerships, ENGIE has set a benchmark in corporate environmental responsibility, proving that businesses can effectively combine sustainability with employee engagement to achieve significant environmental outcomes.

Partnering with AQUASEARCH, ENGIE collected comprehensive ecological data from Dakhla Bay, including acoustic recordings, photos, and biodiversity surveys. This data, particularly focused on bottlenose dolphins, provided invaluable insights into their behaviors and the challenges they face.

The field research in Dakhla was a dynamic and multifaceted endeavor, beginning with the strategic installation of hydrophones and cameras to capture comprehensive marine life data. The team meticulously documented dolphin sightings and acoustic data, providing invaluable insights into their communication patterns and behaviors. This rigorous analysis revealed key marine interactions, forming the foundation for the eco-badge development. Engaging with the local community, the team shared their findings and collaborated on a preliminary report, setting the stage for ongoing conservation efforts and the creation of the unique eco-badges.

Each badge designed reflects the unique characteristics of marine species or habitats, incorporating abstract patterns inspired by natural elements and the collected data, resulting in a striking collection of 12 unique artworks intricately capturing the essence of dolphin communication.

These badges are integrated into the REAL Portal, providing employees with detailed information about the linked conservation projects and regular updates on project progress. Badge holders can track AQUASEARCH's work in Dakhla Bay and stay informed about ongoing conservation efforts. The initiative significantly boosted employee engagement, deepening their connection to ENGIE’s environmental goals, and linking employee rewards to specific conservation projects ensured measurable impact on marine biodiversity in Dakhla Bay. The project gained internal and external recognition, showcasing a scalable model for digital innovation in corporate sustainability efforts. Additionally, the initiative fostered a dialogue about reshaping environmental stewardship and understanding the pivotal role of resilient ecosystems in mitigating climate change.
Aquasearch offers expertise in the environmental and oceanographic fields, including scientific research projects, as well as public awareness and communication. Present in France and abroad, they carry out research projects in marine and freshwater environments and are jointly developing innovative research projects on the ecological and acoustic study of aquatic species.
SNI’s DEEP Protocol enables your company to seamlessly embed eco-data into your product to catalyse biodiversity impact.

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