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Sovereign Nature Initiative
– Our Year in Review
Following the launch of our Decentralised Ecological Economics Protocol (DEEP) last year, we raised $160K supporting global biodiversity conservation efforts.
By Catherine Bischoff
CEO, Sovereign Nature Initiative
21st February 2024
From raising $160K supporting the conservation of 35+ threatened species to launching our Decentralised Ecological Economics Protocol (DEEP) and more, our work at the Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) has reached greater depths and expanded to new horizons over the past 12 months.
Together with our valued collaborators and vibrant community, SNI contributed significant support to our ecological stewards’ efforts aimed at mitigating and reversing biodiversity loss in the past year. Spearheading our efforts was the launch of our state-of-the-art creative technologies: enter our DEEP Protocol and Registry for Ecological Asset Linking (REAL Portal).

Our achievements shared in this yearly review showcase our commitment to enabling organisations to create verifiable, nature-positive impacts by connecting ecological data to digital assets, such as loyalty collectibles, metaverse avatars, in-game accessories, and more. To this end, SNI serves as a catalyst, intertwining creatives, technologists, and communities actively engaging in the (re)valuation of nature at the intersections of ecology, economy, and emerging technologies. In recognition of our five impactful collections so far with industry leaders like WalletConnect, Azerion, and others, SNI was recently named a Howell Conservation Fund Catalytic Grantee and nominated for the 2024 Earthshot Prize. We look forward to several more collection kick-offs planned in the upcoming months.

Milestone 1: Launching DEEP

As people spend increasingly more time in virtual worlds, preserving connections with the physical world is essential. DEEP bridges the physical-virtual gap by creatively imbuing digital assets with real-world ecological data (eco-data).

Following significant research and development, we launched DEEP in March 2023 to connect eco-data produced by SNI stewards with digital creatives. Eco-data spans species-specific insights obtained from direct observations, evidence of species’ presence (e.g., droppings, tracks), and GPS-tracking devices, as well as broader habitat or ecosystem data collected via top-down remote sensing technologies such as satellites or ground collection of soil and plant samples. We process this data through DEEP and make it accessible to digital creatives, cleaning, standardising, and aggregating it.

So far, 123K+ active links have been created across 5 collections assets and real-world animals/regions, with collections raising $160K supporting our stewards’ conservation work and SNI’s operations. We aim to expand these numbers significantly over the next 12 months.

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Milestone 2: Introducing the Registry for Ecological Asset Linking (REAL Portal)

Following the launch of DEEP, we developed the Registry for Ecological Asset Linking (REAL Portal), an interface enabling asset owners to verify the connections between their digital assets and their real-world counterparts.

SNI’s REAL Portal showcases comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data about a digital asset’s link to its supported biodiversity project, the stewards behind it, and the objectives and metrics they use to track impact. For example, a WalletConnect Soundwaves NFT holder can verify the real-world whale linked to their NFT (including its unique whale song!) and learn more about how the collection’s contribution is supporting Aquasearch’s ongoing conservation initiatives.

Our REAL Portal is rapidly becoming a community hub for leading brands and their communities, attracting 6K visitors in the first months post-launch. Looking ahead, we're excited to make it possible for users to connect their wallets to REAL and instantly verify any eco-linked asset, all thanks to our partnership with WalletConnect and their Web3Inbox tool integration. REAL-linked asset holders can seamlessly share their items and impact on social media channels like X/Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, fostering unique brand promotion.

Milestone 3: Five collections premiered raising 160K funds supporting biodiversity restoration efforts across 3 continents

With the power of DEEP and REAL, SNI is bringing brands to the leading edge of verifiable nature-positive impact, transforming their communities into real-world biodiversity advocates.

From gaming to art, events to loyalty collectibles, SNI has launched an impressive range of collections in the past year, raising $160K and supporting the mitigation and reversal of global biodiversity loss.

Spotlight on Our Collections' Impact:

  • WalletConnect Soundwaves Collection: A $16K grant enabled Aquasearch to hire a master's student and purchase new hydrophones, enhancing research on whale populations in the Lesser Antilles and shaping better conservation policies.
  • Tracing the Wild and Moonsama NFT Collections: A $76K contribution helped the Kenya Wildlife Trust expand its conservation efforts, including acquiring a new Land Rover and hiring renowned lion expert, Craig Parker, to assist their research efforts.
  • Polkadot sub0 Biodiversity Collection: With a $10K boost, AIMM Portugal is set to publish crucial scientific research on cetacean biology and ecology, and collaborate with dolphin and whale-watching companies for educational workshops.
  • Hotel Hideaway Collection: Attracted 1.2 million visitors and a $2.5K contribution, supporting the Forgotten Parks Foundation's goal to monitor 90% of Upemba National Park and Buffer Zones by 2030.

Interested in connecting your project to REAL-world impact?

Milestone 4: Expanding Our Reach: 35,000 km² Under Stewardship

In an impressive expansion of our conservation efforts, SNI is proud to announce the addition of 10 Ecological Stewards to our network, now safeguarding an expansive area of 35,000 km² of diverse landscapes and seascapes.

This significant growth enables us to monitor over 25 species, with 80% recognized by the IUCN Red List as vulnerable, endangered, or on the brink of extinction. This milestone underscores our dedication to overcoming the traditional funding challenges faced by ecological stewardship, aiming instead to provide sustained, long-term support to these critical conservation efforts. Through this expanded stewardship, SNI reinforces its commitment to nurturing the planet's biodiversity and ecological health.

Milestone 5: SNI's Work Featured on Global Stages

In the last year, SNI's contributions to biodiversity restoration have been acknowledged across 15+ global stages. From ecology to Ethereum, conservation to Polkadot, and Public Goods communities and beyond, these accolades establish SNI as a leader at the intersections of technology and impact.

SNI’s active participation at global events has been instrumental in elevating our market presence and fostering key connections. Each event served as a strategic platform for showcasing our collections and their impact, networking with industry leaders and driving brand awareness with diverse audiences.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, you can find us at upcoming events including Funding the Commons Bay Area, NFT Paris, NFC Lisbon, EthCC, Devcon Southeast Asia, WEF Biodiversity, and more.

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