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Experience a New Wave in Web3 Messaging: Grab Your WalletConnect Soundwaves NFT Today!
Whale-inspired Web3 Messaging is here, celebrate with a WalletConnect Soundwaves NFT.
By Kaidlyne Neukam
16th January 2023
Credit: Daria Smakhtina, Interdisciplinary Artist and Architect, Co-founder of ἐphemera ONE studio

To celebrate the launch of the Web3Inbox app, WalletConnect has partnered with Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) to create the Soundwaves Collection, stunning visual representations of whale interactions that support Aquasearch, a Martinique-based marine wildlife conservation organisation.

As part of the product’s launch campaign, WalletConnect is working with the premier NFT platform Transient Labs to airdrop unique NFTs from the collection to all Web3Inbox app users who follow these signup steps by Friday, January 26 (23:59 CET). By participating, you will receive one of the first-ever released NFTs linked to bio-acoustic data produced by humpback and sperm whales in the Caribbean. With 905 total designs that vary in rarity, a single NFT that could be one of several mints or a rare, one-of-a-kind design will be airdropped to your wallet.
The Soundwaves Collection features four categories: Whale Talk, In a Bubble, Harmony, and Signals, all designed by artist Daria Smakhtina. Each category draws inspiration from humpback whales' unique and complex song sequences during the breeding season and clicks from sperm whales when approaching the water’s surface. Every NFT is intricately tied to a living whale, creating a unique bridge between the digital and physical worlds. After lauching Web3Inbox and subscribing to notifications, you gain exclusive access to SNI’s REAL Portal. There, you can discover your linked whale through hypnotic bioacoustics, mesmerising video recordings, and captivating stories, all provided by SNI ecological steward partner, Aquasearch. The fully immersive Soundwaves NFT experience is one of the first campaigns in history that seamlessly bridges the virtual and natural worlds.

What is the Web3Inbox App?

The Web3Inbox app is “the web3 messaging app that keeps you notified of what’s happening across web3 — all in one place, all on your terms, all of the time.”

By enabling you to connect with your favourite apps via your wallet, the Web3Inbox app is a game-changer for anyone looking to keep in touch with their web3 communities without relying on traditional web2 messaging services.

Available on desktop and mobile and compatible with over 350 wallets, you can log in with your wallet to instantly start connecting with the apps you love and explore more opportunities to get better connected. Building in web3 should always be about you, the user, which is why the Web3Inbox app’s features are made to ensure you are always in the driving seat, with highlights like subscription control, user-defined settings, and spam-free messaging baked-in so that you only hear from the apps you love on the things you care about.

Along with apps like PancakeSwap and Guild, you can head to the Web3Inbox app today to subscribe to notifications from the SNI REAL Portal to get updates and insights on your Soundwaves Collection NFT.

Collect your first NFT supporting real-world biodiversity conservation efforts

Whales have gained a reputation throughout history for their incredibly communicative nature. Highly social creatures, whales travel in pods and use a variety of sounds to communicate with each other and are thought to be one of the most advanced communicators in the animal kingdom. Today, these whale populations face significant threats due to human activities.

After registering for your Soundwaves NFT and subscribing to notifications on the REAL Portal, you will receive exclusive updates regarding how your NFT supports Aquasearch’s ongoing marine conservation efforts. Aquasearch’s research is essential for assessing the effect of human disturbances on whales' behaviour and overall health, which will help develop effective future conservation policies in the region. Existing research initiatives include understanding the communication and behaviour patterns that these whales rely on to hunt, socialise with each other, and interact with their environment.

What is the REAL Portal?

SNI’s REAL Portal is a platform designed to transform how individuals and conservation project developers can respectively participate in, report on, and easily verify their financial contributions to ecological efforts and their positive impact on biodiversity conservation. With the Soundwaves Collection, WalletConnect is not only commemorating the launch of their new product, Web3Inbox, but also gifting you, their customers, verified ecological impact via exclusive NFT airdrops, involving you directly in essential biodiversity conservation efforts.
After receiving your Soundwaves Collection NFT, visit SNI’s REAL Portal to:
  1. Discover the whale tied to your NFT,
  2. Read captivating stories about Aquasearch's conservation efforts, and
  3. Learn about the impact of funds raised from the Soundwaves Collection.
Through REAL, we aim to build trust and commitment between funders and stewards of nature-positive initiatives, exploring the potential of alternative funding sources and public involvement in achieving global conservation and restoration goals. Read more about the REAL Portal in SNI’s Whitepaper.

Dive deep into the Soundwaves Collection design inspiration

The Soundwaves Collection was created by importing the whales’ audio files into 3D computer graphics software to create soundwave geometry. The NFTs’ landscape composition was produced and analysed to highlight the most prominent parts of the whales’ soundwaves. Animations are algorithmically programmed to float along the soundwave landscape, with varying sound characteristics and changes according to Aquasearch’s collected ecological data. Each NFT, while just a fragment, shares a story told by whales over millennia. Head to the Web3Inbox app today and subscribe to Web3Inbox’s notifications to collect one of these state-of-the-art NFTs and show it off to your crypto community by sharing and tagging SNI and WalletConnect on X/Twitter.
“For this collection, I developed a visual language encoding distinctive characteristics of the whales’ audio communication system into spatial renderings. This project follows my ongoing research on the possibilities of using emerging digital tools to represent various complex processes as immersive experiences. Using bioacoustics files was a creative challenge, but it also served as an inspirational impulse and a way to dive into decoding underwater consciousness.”

– Daria Smakhtina, Soundwaves Collection Artist and Co-founder, ἐphemera ONE

The Soundwaves Collection is one of several campaigns where SNI works with highly reputable brands to tangibly engage and connect customers to companies’ nature-positive commitments.

Are you interested in launching a similar campaign that will get your audience talking? Get in touch!

A special thank you goes out to WalletConnect for choosing SNI to bring their sustainability commitments to life in a digitally engaging and impactful way. Learn more about their new product, Web3inbox, by visiting their website.
Find the terms and conditions for this campaign here.
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About Aquasearch
Aquasearch offers expertise in the environmental and oceanographic fields, including scientific research projects (field and laboratory), as well as public awareness and communication (scientific popularization). Present in France and abroad, they carry out research projects in marine and freshwater environments and are jointly developing innovative research projects on the ecological and acoustic study of aquatic species.

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