Plug biodiversity restoration into your brand campaigns.

Demonstrate your nature-positive commitment and share digital eco-badges with your consumers or community.
Elevate your brand with impactful eco-badges
Transform your marketing, branding and internal campaigns into powerful tools for environmental restoration. Our eco-badges do more than just capture attention—they make a real difference by linking directly to conservation efforts. Here’s how you can integrate eco-badges into your brand strategy:
  • Loyalty Programs & Customer Rewards

    Enhance customer engagement by rewarding purchases with eco-badges that contribute to wildlife conservation. Infuse your loyalty programs with nature-positive action. Each badge not only rewards customers but also educates them about the specific species or habitat they are helping to protect.
  • Branding &
    CSR Campaigns

    Differentiate your brand by associating it with tangible conservation efforts. Create novel CSR campaigns, launch new products & services, reposition your brand: choose from our curated list of environmental causes and showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability through interactive digital badges.
  • Employee

    Recognize and reward employees with eco-badges that reflect their contributions to your company’s sustainability goals. This not only boosts morale but also reinforces your company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.
Tangible impact of each
  • Transparency & Engagement: Show your customers the direct impact of their support through real-time updates and detailed reports accessible through the badge. This transparency builds trust and strengthens customer relationships by demonstrating the real results of their contributions.
  • Alternative to Carbon Offsetting: Our eco-badges offer a dynamic and engaging alternative to traditional carbon offset programs. By focusing on biodiversity protection, each badge not only helps mitigate climate change but also supports the broader health of ecosystems.
How to engage with SNI
Choose one of our partners' project
Explore the conservation & restoration projects looking for support
Get in touch and plan campaign
Leave a request, and our team will contact you to arrange a meeting.
Plan for distribution
Within 4 weeks your badges will be ready for distribution. Seamless email onboarding for all badgeholders.
Verify your impact
Access our REAL Portal to verify the impact made by your project and the wildlife linked to each badge.
Our curated nature-positive projects
Leap at the projects that are making a real-world difference.
Get to know the ecological stewards.
Support verified impact.
A new boat for the dolphins
Marine Environment Research Association
AIMM's marine conservation efforts rely on the research vessel Ketos, essential for studying marine megafauna along Portugal's southern coast.
More info.
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Getting to know the zebras
Forgotten Parks Foundation
Forgotten Parks is spearheading a critical conservation initiative to monitor and restore the last remaining zebra population in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Upemba National Park. More info.
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Keeping up with the lions
Kenya Wildlife Trust
The Kenya Wildlife Trust's Mara Predator Conservation Programme (MPCP) is crucial for studying and preserving a healthy population of predators in the Maasai Mara.
More info.
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Eco-youth for wildlife
WeWilder by WWF & Panda Labs
The Grow-Wild project in Romenia led by the community-led organisation WeWilder aims to engage local youth (around 30 individuals) in monitoring key umbrella species like the European bison, red deer, birds and pollinators to promote sustainable practices in the region. More info.
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Analysing the turtles
In Martinique, Aquasearch's project needing your support aims to monitor the nesting activities of hawksbill, leatherback, and green turtles, key to understanding their survival and breeding behaviours of these endangered species.
More info.
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Women rangers for the macaws
Macaw Recovery Network
The MRN project in Costa Rica focuses on restoring critical habitats for parrots, particularly the Great Green Macaw, by empowering local communities, especially women

More info.
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Why eco-badges
  • 1
    Reward your customers & employees with real world impact

    Easily reward your community with unique artworks that are inspired and directly connected to wildlife: their behaviour, acoustics, and habitat.

    Each eco-badge is a demonstration of your brand's support for nature conservation.
  • 2
    REAL Portal access: impact verification and biodiversity information
    People who receive the badges get access to the REAL Portal with updates, impact verification, and information about their specific animal and ecosystem.
  • 3
    Personalisation possibilities
    We can customise your campaign with specific designs or adapt to fit your project goals.
  • 4
    Local stewards are the biggest beneficiaries
    Our fixed price model allocates 50% of the value to your chosen stewards organisations, and10% for the badge artist.
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